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2018 Gather Together 3-Pack

$175.00 750mL

We have put together the perfect pairing of wines for conversations with loved ones to celebrate, either sipping in the kitchen during meal prep or finally sitting down to celebrate together.

2018 Black Knight Chardonnay- I love this wine as it surprises the pallet and even non chardonnay drinkers find it amazing. With its zesty bright fruit and lighter style its a winner 

2018 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir-  I chose this wine because we all need an easy sipper in our hand to wrap gifts or prepare that charcuterrie board. This is the wine! Elegant with black cherry fruit with a stunning forest floor nose. It's sure to please everyone.

2018 TDP Pinot Noir- I selected this wine as it's such an amazing pairing with food, especially holiday food gatherings. A full bodied 100 percent pinot noir that holds it's own. With a nose of red cherry, rhubarb, and violets that I can sit and just savor the aroma. Once you take a sip you will understand the complexity this wine offers. 

RegionSonoma Coast
AppellationRussian River Valley